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Life Energy for Retail & Trade

If you as an entrepreneur are interested in a private label, have you found exactly the right partner. Use our 'Percenta life energy transformer" for finishing the range of products or expand your product range. The decision is yours. We'll give you the best support in all areas of product refinement.


We offer you the opportunity to use your own "life energy transformer" or to get your products charged with the "life energy" from us, dependent from order situation and sales of your products.


We have limited the sale of our "life energy transformers" in order to prevent flooding of the market with "energy products". This ensures that you can provide your own market with your "energy products" without any problems.


Examples of applications:


Especially in the jewelry industry, is our 'Percenta life energy" used successfully. There are already offered energy bracelets, necklaces and other fashion accessories with our technology on the market. If you see this chance, as your competitive market, are we pleased to offer help and advice.



Our "Percenta life energy" has been successfully used in clothing industry , to strengthen the balance, endurance, flexibility and well-being. There are already a number of online shops that offer this type of product enhancement. Take advantage of the possibility of such refinement.


Nutritional Supplements:

Our "Percenta life energy" is already successfully used in food supplements. Our "life energy transformer" is used for the enrichment of nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, etc. .. This advantage can be used to upgrade your products.


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Made in Germany

Made in Germany

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