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Life Energy Transformer

We provide energy information transfer through the "Percenta life energy transformer".

The team of Percenta succeeded to focus, and to transfer the life energy, also called "Qi", "Ch'i", "Huna", "Prana", "Ka", "Lung", "Pneuma", "Akasha", "Od", "Cheim", "Aether", "Orgone" or "Animalistic magnetism" to objects. This makes it possible for us to provide products with the life energy.


The "Percenta life energy transformer" can be used across the spectrum of life and energy in the field of medical informations like (Radionics, Homeopathy, Bioresonance, flower essences, etc.). Here are some examples of the information transmission:


  • Vitalization of food
  • Copy of compounds
  • Energizing of liquids
  • Energizing of objects
  • Radionic Transmission



The transfer of information is a subtle methods of information an integral part of medicine and naturopathy. Not the substances themselves, but only their vibrations are applied to carrier substances. In addition, flower essences and radionic information can be transmitted. Also the bioresonance (EAV Mora) operates at this level.


Source material

We offer a wide range of raw materials, to be copied. There may be different subtle information carrier which already exist material, such as homeopathic medication, flower essences and preparations of bioresonance and the radionic method.


IMPORTANT: Please use our Percenta life energy transformer as other alternative medical methods only with diseases or conditions that do not require doctor's care.
Our Percenta energy transformer is an experimental device for which there is insufficient medical evidence in the strictly scientific sense. The statements are based on research in Germany and internationally. See also: Legal

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

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