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Life Energy - Development & Research

The technologies we develop and innovations are particularly suited to equip various materials such as oils, fats, alcohol, water, quartz, volcanic ash, lactose-globules, and precious metals (NOT aluminum, brass, lead) with special properties.


The "Percenta life energy transformer" can be used across the spectrum of life energy in the field of medical informations like (Radionics, Homeopathy, Bioresonance, flower essences, etc.). Here are some examples of the information transmission:


  • Vitalization of food
  • Copy of compounds
  • Energizing of liquids
  • Energizing of objects
  • Radionic Transmission


The research and development work of Percenta aim to achieve new or improved functionalities based on the "life energy". For that purpose, research and development are indispensable.


The selection of our concrete research projects is undertaken in close consultation with external experts from industry and science. In this way it is ensured that the projects by Percenta are distinguished by equally high level of scientific originality and application relevance pursued.


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Made in Germany

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